First of all, you have to be aware that a real estate agent has a different missions than a real estate hunter (home catcher). These are two very distinct jobs even if both work for the purchase of your own property. The real estate agent will present you the offers made available to him within his portfolio of properties to sell, he has a seller role. The Home catcher (or flat hunter) meanwhile, has a role of advice,

The home Catcher works permanently and exclusively on the buyer side in order to satisfy all his wishes, as far as possible, for its acquisition.

The home catcher hunts, he has access to thousands of offers and plays with his strong network, the probability of finding the property you dreamed is high and it is not as expensive you can imagine, it is affordable for everybody.

Key Numbers


of ads never published on real estate websites


the average % of annual price increase in Paris


the average % of fees invoiced by flat hunters  

ONLY 2% with Home Catcher PARIS

10 800

The average price per square meter in Paris (in euros)


the average number of visits before making an offer with Home Catcher 


The average number of days to make an offer with Home Catcher Paris


The home catcher is almost essential to all buyer profiles: tight budget, high requirements, luxury properties,, buyer lacking time, needing to be helped, buyers living outside the city targeted or targeted properties in tight zone.

Not only will they find your dream flat but also negotiate for you thanks to their bargaining skills with the owners and / or real estate agencies. The home catcher will also advise you on market prices in order not to buy an overvalued property, the temptation is strong for an owner willing to sell to inflate its price in a tense area.

The home catcher is also synonymous of time saving by carrying out all the time-consuming operations and verifications of use.

Indeed, the home catcher works for you and will not put pressure on you to buy a property, his role will be limited to selection, negotiation, advice and support. Up to you to go further!


Finally, it is important to know that it is forbidden by the French Hoguet law to ask you for research fees, a real home catcher must be paid on success only.

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Searching (T-Scan, OFF MARKET, Real Estate network)

Selection & Visits

Negotiation & coaching

3 months mandate

Between 5 & 10 visits per month

Fees (incl. taxes)

2% of the property price 

Minimum 6,900€ incl. taxes, maximum 30,000€ incl. taxes 

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Your project


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